Wateree Dive Center


At Wateree Dive Center, we take the time to make sure your dive gear is individually fitted to you for maximum comfort and safety.  We only carry top quality name brand equipment and are authorized dealers for all of the life support equipment we sell. The level of support that we offer our customers on equipment that they purchase from us is second to none.

Let's face it, Your Total Diving System is an integral part of the scuba diving experience and aside from proper training, the most important part of scuba diving. Owning your own equipment allows you the comfort level and ease of use that you just don't get get with borrowed gear. The operation of your own gear quickly becomes second nature. You get everything adjusted just the way you like it (sort of like the mirrors, seat position and favorite radio stations in your car).

When you want to own your very own Total Diving System, we can offer you many options to fit your specific needs. We are here to help you decide what is right for you and then to support you in the proper use and maintenance of what we sell. Not every piece of dive equipment is exactly right for every diver. That's why we pride ourselves in being your first and best resource for choosing the right dive equipment for you.

All of the high quality gear we sell, from wetsuits to regulators can certainly be obtained separately. For those wishing to have a more complete Total Diving System and the satisfaction that comes with ownership, we offer a variety of specially priced packages designed to to fit your diving, your budget, or both... we can also customize any of our packages to fit your exact needs.  Come by the shop and let one of our dive professionals assist you today.


At our State of the Art fill station, we can fill your tanks with air, Nitrox or Trimix.
Custom Blending also available.



We also rent the items you'll need for your next dive.


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