Wateree Dive Center

We offer a wide variety of Training which includes:

  • Diver training from beginner to instructor
  • Medic First Aid and Diver's Alert Network classes
  • Continuing Education and Advanced courses

For more information regarding your Training options contact us at here at the Dive Center by calling 803-731-9344 or swing by and meet with one of our Dive Pros.

SSI Online Training & Online Services Free Online Training?

Our free Online Training is an opportunity for you to dive into the academics at your own pace.  We typically offer classes at our facility, but for those with tight schedules we also offer online training at no additional cost. You can also take the online training to simply compliment actually coming to class. Or take the online training to find out more about how scuba diving works and what it is all about. Of course, the online training can not replace pool time or openwater time with your instructor.  Once completed, the online training can be applied to your profile with SSI and assigned to Wateree Dive Center as your training facility for the rest of your instruction.

scuba tanks for try scubaNot sure if Scuba Diving is right for you?

Try Scuba is your chance to get wet and experience what scuba diving is all about. Signing up for a Try Scuba is a great way to decide whether getting a scuba diving certification is right for you. We know that once you come in and try it, you’ll love it! Our Try Scuba pool experience has you spending some time with us at the pool getting a taste of the scuba diving experience in the safety of a familiar setting.


Open Water Diver

Open Water Diver C-Card

Becoming an Open Water Diver is the best way to start your scuba adventure!

Our classes are designed to make you a comfortable and competent scuba diver.  You will find our Instructors to be very professional and accommodating to your specific training needs.

Getting started is easy! Call or come by and Sign up for an Open Water course.

We will help you learn at your own pace and support you with instructional manuals, DVDs and even free Online Training.

For your pool and open water training we will fit you to your scuba equipment so you will become comfortable in your “second skin.” You will get enough practice time to adapt yourself to the underwater environment before you start with your open water training dives.

Once you have completed your initial training you will be a certified SSI Diver. SSI certification is recognized world wide so your diving experiences will be limitless.

Start Your Adventure Today!


Scuba Skills Update

Recapture the feeling of total confidence after any long period without diving by updating the skills learned in your Open Water Diver course.

Knowledge. Your Scuba Skills Update Dive Leader will review the knowledge you learned in your Open Water Diver class as well as cover any new material. You will review dive planning, dive tables and dive execution to keep you safe during future diving activities.

Skills. In the Scuba Skills Update you will have the opportunity to practice and review the scuba skills you learned in your open water diver class and learn techniques that may have changed. You will have the opportunity to refresh your memory and motor coordination, as well as practice your self-aid skills - all under the guidance of a dive leader.

Equipment. The scuba skills update is a great opportunity to re-learn your current equipment, or the perfect time to learn about and adjust your new equipment with the guidance of a dive leader.

With this type of preparation you will be able to experience more relaxed dives.