Wateree Dive Center

Memorial Day Wreck Diving Weekend - Morehead City

We are planning a wreck diving weekend for experienced offshore divers over the Memorial Day Weekend in 2017. We will be aboard the ‘Midnight Express’; a 48ft dive boat with lots of amenities, including a spacious climate controlled cabin. There are over 200 shipwrecks scattered up and down the coast. With so many dive sites to choose from, we will focus on those that have the best conditions at the time. The charter boat captain will weigh the best options for each day. Possibilities for dive sites include the popular German submarine ‘U-352’.Most of these trips include some first time visitors to these wrecks and the ‘U-352’ is typically at the top of the list for these divers. So, we put the U-352 at the top of our list of sites to visit during this excursion. However, NO PARTICULAR DIVE SITE CAN BE GUARANTEED, as conditions can vary at any site therefore; the charter captain ultimately has discretion as to which sites we visit. Majority vote usually wins out, though, so bring a dive buddy and let’s fill the boat.

***Due to the depths, time, and distance from shore:
Deep Diver certification is required.
Nitrox Diving is recommended and available, and dive computers are mandatory.
SMB’s are necessary safety equipment. A “Yellow SMB” is required.

We will travel to Morehead City on Friday, May 26.
Diving is scheduled for Saturday – Monday, May 27 – 29.

Friday, May 26  -  If arriving Friday, you may stop in at Olympus Dive Center and fill out their
paperwork in advance of the next morning’s dives, verify gear rental and cylinder fills, etc.

Saturday, May 27 -  Meet at Olympus Dive Center around 6:3am on the waterfront in downtown Morehead
City to sign in at the Dive Center, show C-Cards, load and board the dive boat. We will depart the dock and venture offshore to the dive site(s) for two planned dives before heading back to shore.

Sunday, May 28 and Monday, May 29
Same as above, we will meet at Olympus Dive Center in the early am for two additional days of diving, weather permitting. Dive Sites to be determined.

Accommodations: Visit Olympus’s website for Dive Lodge & area motel information.

Costs: Wreck Charters will be $150.00 per person per day or $450.00 for the weekend. This includes
the charter, weights, and tips for the dive crew. A $150.00 deposit is needed to reserve your
spot. A second payment of $150.00 is due on March 10th and the balance is due on or before
April 20th. Olympus has advised us that at the present time there is no fuel surcharge but they
reserve the right to institute one if necessary (and that charge will be passed along).

***Air & Nitrox rental/fills and equipment rental are not part of the package and you will need
to reserves tanks and purchase air fills from Olympus.

You need to provide transportation, lodging, meals, boat snacks, and diving equipment. See Olympus Dive
Centers web page at www.olympusdiving.com for additional site information, directions, and cancellation
policies. Wateree is collecting $150.00 per diver on a first come first serve bases by February 20th to book your
space on this trip. We will need a second payment of $150.00 by March 10th and the balance on April 20th.
We will take checks, cash and credit cards. Once your deposit is received you are confirmed on our trip.



Dive the

$450.00 per Diver